An Overview — Electronic & Computer Software Export Business in India

Over the recent years, India has experienced remarkable growth in its export industry, particularly standing out as a key player in the electronic export sector. Notably, India has not only secured its position as the world’s second-largest mobile manufacturing country but has also emerged as a major exporter of electronic products globally. The country’s share in the global electronic industry export has surged from 1.1% to 1.8% within the last five years, significantly contributing to the economic impact of the Make in India initiative.

This blog aims to provide a concise overview of the electronic export industry in India and outline the eligibility criteria for new exporters aspiring to contribute to and be part of India’s flourishing growth narrative.

How to export electronic goods from India

Commencing an export-oriented business in India mandates the fulfillment of several conditions and the acquisition of various licenses and grants from the government. These include:

  1. Registration cum membership certificate from DGFT
  2. Importer exporter code registration
  3. GST registration certificate
  4. Quality assurance certificate from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in the case of manufacturers
  5. Proof of business, such as the company incorporation certificate

These prerequisites are essential steps that entrepreneurs must undertake to initiate an electronic and computer software services export business from India.

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