Can I register Pvt Ltd by myself?

Yes, you can register Private Limited but for that, you should know what you have to register and how to register it, what documents are necessary for you, and who is person eligible to register Private Limited. To register one thing, you have to fill out the form. Company Registration is incomplete without CA, CMA, or CS as it can be signed by one or only one person on all the documents and unless he/she signs the form then you cannot submit the form online to the MCA department. These people file your documents as well as verify your documents and your forms with their signatures and these are the things that make your things eligible. The most important thing is that if you are forming a company or registering a company, then you need a lot of professional advice so that no mistakes are made in it and you understand their rules and regulations. If you do not get into trouble in any way, then there is a professional who guides you with your things, tells you when and what needs to be done, what is their maintenance cost and also gives you financial advice. How and how much money should you spend on your business and what methods can you use to save your taxes, all these things are available to you just as a professional.

Who Is Eligible For Private Limited Company Incorporation

Eligible For Private Limited Company Incorporation
  • Minimum number of members: A private limited company must have a minimum of two members or shareholders to be incorporated. The maximum number of members allowed is generally limited to 200.
  • Directors: A minimum of two directors is required for the incorporation of a private limited company. At least one of these directors must be a resident of India, meaning they have resided in India for a cumulative period of at least 182 days in the previous calendar year.
  • Shareholders: A private limited company can have shareholders who own shares in the company. The shareholders can be individuals or other legal entities.
  • Legal capacity: The proposed members and directors must have the legal capacity to enter into contracts and be responsible for the obligations of the company.
  • Compliance: Incorporators must comply with the requirements and procedures set forth by the Companies Act 2013, such as filing the necessary documents, paying fees, and adhering to other legal obligations.
Minimum Requirement Of Private Limited Company

Minimum Requirement Of Private Limited Company

  1. A minimum number of two Directors.
  2. One of the Directors of a Private Limited Company must be an Indian Citizen and an Indian Resident.
  3. A minimum number of two Shareholders.
  4. No Minimum Paid capital is Required.

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