Properties with essential amenities like a pet spa, outdoor space, etc., stand out from the number of apartment complexes in walnut creek CA, during lease up. These not only contribute to retaining existing tenants but also serve as a magnet for attracting new renters.

Generally, during an apartment hunt, tenants prioritize living spaces that come with amenities ensuring safety and convenience.

To make your apartment complex highly sought after, here are the top 4 best amenities for your property:

Outdoor space

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people working from home between 2019 and 2021 has tripled, which explains why the demand for apartments with outdoor space has skyrocketed. People want access to an outdoor space to unwind and enjoy the evening chill air. 

While shared outdoor amenities offer a perfect community setting, some residents prefer private patios or balconies.

To elevate your apartment complex desirability, consider including a playground, community gardens, outdoor kitchen with picnic tables, grills and BBQ, and rooftop decks.

Smart locks

Homes with smart lock features mean bye to using and keeping track of physical keys. Some residents consider it obsolete. Getting locked out of your apartment because you lost or forgot your key can be frustrating, contributing to the increasing appeal of smart locks. Residents can enjoy a keyless experience using their smartphones to open and close their doors. Plus, every resident can easily access shared amenity spaces like workout centers, pet spas, dog runs, etc.

Pet amenities

With more remote workers deciding to be pet parents, the demand for pet-friendly living spaces keeps growing. As a property owner, consider adding pet amenities to boost your rental business. Some essential pet amenities to add to your apartment complex are a dog run or dog park, pet concierge services, and pet washing stations. Beyond the financial gains, this decision mitigates potential challenges like clogged drains from pet hair and scratched floors. It's a win-win for both landlords and pet-loving tenants.

Co-working space

The surge in remote work means more residents are working from home, so offering a co-working space can be a strategic move to retain old tenants and attract new renters. You can offer free WiFi; provide printers, papers, and other office essentials; add small and large desks for team and independent work; and set up a coffee station.

Property owners can charge a small fee for tenants to reserve a desk and work in a quiet and conducive environment. In addition, it is essential to explicitly specify that the co-working space is designated as pet-free, ensuring an uninterrupted work environment for all.